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We treat you, the cruise passenger, as though you were your own travel agent. We return to you the value that a travel agent would receive if they were doing the research on, and booking the cruise or tour for you. Since you did your own investigation and research, (sweat equity), we return to you, that amount, in the form of an on board credit and/or other amenities or where the cruise line will allow, a reduction in price on your booking that under usual circumstances, the travel agent would receive as commissions. Once the booking is made, we provide all the usual customer assistance any other travel agency would provide, plus personal service (since 1993)


  1. Use our Search Engine above to select the cruise you are interested in.
  2. Once your cruise is selected, click on one of the following links to Request a Quote or Request a Booking.
  3. Complete the form & submit the information.
  4. We will respond via email with the pricing details and the amount we will save you on the cruise of your choice.
    • We will also advise you when the deposit & final payment will be due as well as other details.
    • Prices we quote will be lower, for the same cabin category, than the prices you found on the search engine or other web sites.
  5. The email we send you will have instructions on how to complete the transaction, if you wish to continue.