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For those who wonder who or what is “Travel Depot & The Cruise Travel Club”, the following information may be of some value to you.

Prior to retiring to The Villages(R) community in Florida, my wife Carol and I, in 1993, opened and developed a travel agency in upstate New York. Our inspiration was; my retirement from a large corporation, our living abroad and a developed appetite for traveling around the world.

After 10 years and in 2003, we left our travel agency and retired to Florida, lots of golf, travel and new friends. In 2005 I read an article in one of the travel trade magazines about several individuals, living in The Villages(R) community, who were suing a travel agency. Apparently the travel agency was selling future travel packages, that had cost several thousands of dollars, along with promises of reduced or free travel. The villagers found out that in fact, the promises made by the travel agency were not going to come to reality. The villagers sued.

There are many good people working in the travel industry and there are also some who are not so good. The idea that individuals were looking for the best cruise and travel prices and that others were taking advantage of them, made me decide to do what I do here. Provide an opportunity.

Travel is like any other business or skill factor. After doing it for many years, one has knowledge and know how that others don’t have. If I could give individuals who want to cruise, to include their friends and family, reduced pricing on cruises without sacrificing any of my travel, golf and fun time, it would keep me business active and provide individuals with a source for reduced cruise prices, should they wish to take advantage of them. Since as a stock holder in a travel agency, Travel Consultants International, Inc., I was in a position to take advantage of travel pricing for The Cruise Travel Club, which I formed in 2006 (name change in 2016). The travel agency would provide all member’s, of The Cruise Travel Club, a reduction in pricing of up to 70% of the commissions received by the agency on the traveler’s cruise or tour bookings. The travel agency receives some advantages in increasing their overall volume and in helping cover some of the fixed costs. I get to keep (within reason) busy, I’m stimulating the gray cells, and I’m involved in an event that provides individuals who are looking for reduced pricing an opportunity to do just that, reduced pricing when booking a cruise or tour. It makes me feel involved and the residents have an opportunity to reduce their cost when traveling, all without any sleight of hand. There are no additional cost or hidden fees involved in joining or participating in The Cruise Travel Club or booking travel with Travel Depot. Once the booking is made, we provide all the usual customer services any other travel agency would provide.

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